What is This?

A free tool for comparing game collections with your Steam friends

Who Made It?

Just some gamer with some spare time and a desire to make organizing LAN parties easier (I know, I still have those - I'm so ancient)

Why Steam?

Because most of my games are on Steam and they provided excellent data. If other services offered the same level of transparency, I would be happy to expand this tool's scope. Get on it, guys!

How Did You Make It?

For curious developers: Server-side this tool is ASP.Net MVC 4 using C# supported by libraries like Json.NET and DotNetOpenAuth. Client-side the JavaScript is supported by libraries like jQuery, Underscore.Js, and Backbone.Js. The typefaces are Abel and Aldrich with Font Awesome for icons. It is hosted on Windows Azure.

Is It Private?

Got That Game does not store your Steam credentials in any way. That would violate the Steam API Terms of Service which need to be followed if we all want to keep comparing game collections.

Will it spam me?

No. This tool does not capture any personal information. In fact, it doesn't have a backing database of any kind. It's all powered from Steam data that is publicly available. If you want to hide from the tool, you can set your profile to private and that will completely ruin your friend's ability to stalk your games.